Friday, May 18, 2012


{{Do You Know How To Spot A {Fad Diet|Celebrity Fad Diets}?|What Are Fad Diets?|How To Spot Fad Diets}|Why Are Fad Diets So Popular?|Can You Spot A Fad Diet?} {With obesity {expected|predicted} to affect {50%|more than 50 percent|over fifty percent} of the population {by 2050|in the next {40|fofty} years}|With the obesity epidemic {expected|predicted|believed} to affect {50%|over 50%|more than fifty percent} of the {worlds|planets} population}, the {age|reign|time} of ‘{fad diets|celebrity diets|dietary fads}’ and ‘{lose weight quick|quick weight loss|quick fix weight loss|fast weight loss} {schemes|progammes|diets}’ has {{escalated|jumped|risen|boomed} to {epic proportions|dizzying heights}|{increased|grown|risen} in popularity|become more popular than ever {before|predicted}}. From the {{cabbage diet |cabbage soup diet|apple cider diet}}to the {Hollywood 24|Zone Diet |Quantum Wellness} to the {48 Hour Miracle|7 day Elimination|Factor 5} diet, {each|all|every single one} of these {dietary|weight loss|diet |celebrity} {fads |diets|programmes}all claim to {help you lose weight fast|quicken weight loss|promote immediate weight loss} and {experience| } increased {rejuvenation|vitality|energy|metabolic activity}. {But do they work?|Do they work?|How do they work?|Are they real?|Can they help you to lose weight?} {Unfortunately not|No|On occasion|Sometimes}… {Aside|Apart} from helping you to {experience|witness|achieve} {instant |immediate |fast |quick}{water weight loss of 1-2lbs|weight loss|water weight loss}, {the vast majority of |most|90% of|ninety percent of}{slimmer’s|dieters|obese patients} have {reported|experienced|revealed|claimed} {minimal|minute|small|little} {weight losses|weight loss|weight loss reduction} of just {1-4lbs|one to four pounds|1-3 pounds|1-2lbs} before {hitting a plateau|plateauing after {a few weeks|their first week|2 weeks|three weeks}}. More {disconcertingly|disappointingly|worryingly}, once {they|slimmers|dieters} stopped {following|using|eating} these {said|fad|dietary fad|celebrity fad} {diets|meals} they {quickly|soon|immediately} regained all {lost weight|excess lbs lost|the weight they lost}. {But are they safe?|Are they {safe|risk-free|dangerous}?|Are {fad|celebrity} diets {safe|free from risk}?|Can they harm your health?|What are the long term {implications|health risks|complications} of these {diets|fads|programmes}?} Whilst {it is true that some of the top celebrity |these| |{many}{dietary|celebrity} fads|celebrity diets|fad diets} can help {you|slimmers|dieters} to {experience|benefit from|witness} {immediate|instant|fast|quick} {weight losses|weight loss}, {most|many|almost all of them} {are not {safe|good|healthy} for {long term use…|the foreseeable future}|cannot be used for {the long term|more than a week|over 2 weeks}} {{Depriving your body of |{Preventing|Depriving} your body from receiving}|Limiting the amount of}{essential |key|}nutrients {needed|required} to ensure your {body|organs|metabolism} is {working at {optimum capacity|maximum levels|optimal levels}|recieve the {energy|nutrients} they need to work {properly|efficiently}}, many involve {cutting |reducing |lowering }your calorie {intake|content|consumption} to {below 1,000 calories a day - if not less |less than 1,000 calories a day}– {more than|over} {half|50% } your {recommended daily allowance.|nutritional allowance.|allowance.|recommended intake.} {Accompanied|Supported} by {strict exercise routines|countless hours in the gym|extreme workouts|heavy sessions in the gym} and {gruelling|constant|unrelenting} calorie {counting|checking}, {many of these said dietary fads do|most of these diets|celebrity diets} run the {risk|health risk|danger|complication} of {leaving you feeling|making you feel|causing you to feel} {weak|quezy}, {tired|fatiqued}, unable to {concentrate|think straight|focus} and more worryingly {unable to function properly|prevent your body from working {properly|efficiently}|stop you from functioning {properly|efficiently}} - {None|All} of which are {good for your long term health and ultimately your future ability to lose weight.|bad for your health.|dangerous for your health.|} {How can you spot a Fad diet?|How can you recognise a fad diet?|How can you spot them?|Are they easy to spot?} {Fad diets are easier to spot than you imagine. ||Easier than you imagine...|Fad diets are quite easy to spot.}{Offering you|Promoting|Proclaiming to offer you} a {‘quick fix’|fast|immediate} solution to your {weight loss issues|body concerns|weight loss concerns}, you can {often {tell|spot}|easily {recognise|spot}} a {fad diet|celebrity diet|dietary fads} by their: • Too good to be true claims • {Lack|Minimal} of clinical {studies|trials|casestudies} • {Elimination |Removal |Deletion}of one {or more|if not more} of the five {food groups|recommended food groups|daily food groups} • Recommendations from {studies|trials|medical professionals} without reviews from other researchers When {choosing a diet|picking a dietary fad|a weight loss programme} or {weight loss supplement|herbal supplement|slimming pill|dietary pill|weight loss pill}, it is {always important|essential|vital |imperative} to {thoroughly|deeply} {research|study|analyse} their {effects|benefits|studies} first before {incorporating|including|adding} them into your {eating habits|diet|weight loss programme}. If there {{are no {clinical studies|medical trials|clinical trials} or proof |is no proof}|is no medical evidence}that they can {produce|promote|achieve} {real and credible|quality|safe} {weight loss|weight loss results|health benefits}, then {more often than not they are too good to be true.|they are too good to be true.|they are properly fake.|they probably don't work.} UMESH CHOUDHARY

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